LHP Staff


Jim Lovinsky | Executive Director

Jim has a strong background in a number of realms including: construction, manufacturing, management and owning a small business.  Jim transitioned from his role as a consultant for the Vermont Fuel Efficiency Partnership (VFEP) to LHP in 2012.  He has also been active in the local community serving as a long-time member of several local and regional school boards and as a member of the local Chamber of Commerce.  Jim and his wife Mary-Ellen live in East Hardwick on an old dairy farm where they and their two children raise garlic, vegetables, beef cattle, goats, chickens, and horses.

Susan Sinnott | Finance Manager

Susan came to Vermont from her home in Rhode Island in 2002 where she was a professional photographer; she owned a successful business for over 14 years. Susan has been a Real Estate Professional in Stowe where she has helped many people reach their dreams of home ownership in Lamoille County. Susan's husband, Gary spent many years with the Vermont Employees Credit Union. Susan and Gary have recently returned to Vermont from a brief hiatus in North Carolina.  Susan brings her background in real estate and business experience as well as her diverse interests to the organization. 

She enjoys walking her dog Frida and working on playing her Banjo in her spare time. 

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Kerrie Lohr | Public Relations Manager

Kerrie is the Fundraising and Public Relations manager at Lamoille Housing Partnership (LHP) in Morrisville, Vermont. After receiving her BA in Anthropology and Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont in 2010, she pursued a career in ski industry sales and marketing.

Her concern for and interest in supporting Vermont communities and vulnerable populations led her to join LHP in 2017, where she develops and initiates fundraising projects, facilitates community outreach efforts, writes grant proposals, and oversees the organization’s communications. Kerrie is committed to shifting the conversation towards advancing housing solutions, reducing stigma towards those that are housing insecure, and collaborating with local partner organizations to support the greater community’s needs.

Relatively new to housing and conservation work, she is eager to continue expanding her knowledge and understanding of state and national housing policies, issues and solutions to best contribute to LHP’s mission and the broader housing movement in Vermont.

Kerrie lives in Waterbury with her husband and dog, and enjoys skiing, stand up paddleboarding, mountain biking, and Crossfit.