Support And Services at Home (SASH)

Part of the Vermont Blueprint for Health, SASH is a demonstration program funded by Medicare under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, part of the US Department of Health and Human Services. 

Vermont’s SASH (Support and Services at Home) is critical for serving seniors; it fills both non-medical and social needs of residents in their homes and has a direct impact on housing conditions for seniors.  Over a three-year period Vermont's SASH will serve 6,120 Medicare recipients both in their own homes, as well as in affordable rental housing like Lamoille Housing Partnership. 

By utilizing Housing Organizations, SASH can offer three advantages in the long-term care system:

1.     support for seniors as they struggle to manage their chronic conditions toward the end of reducing the current high utilization of the health care system;

2.     providing community-based services close to home at locations throughout the entire state; and

3.    augmented services through the integration of SASH and housing personnel, information, and infrastructure  

Housing development and repair programs don't include support services for seniors. However, with SASH funding, a sustainable service delivery model for Vermont has been developed which will increase the efficiency and reach of the healthcare system and achieve the goals of healthcare reform - better health, better care, and lower costs.

The Role of Housing Providers (like LHP) in SASH:

The SASH program allows for an organized, person-centered approach to wellness in the housing community. SASH staff are the eyes and ears on the ground, building trusting relationships with participants and their family members/support persons. Staff, such as a SASH Coordinator embedded at the facility and a Wellness Nurse, are “trusted guides” and integral to the success of the model. They focus their efforts around three types of interventions: transitions support, self-management education, and care coordination. These staff are a resource not just for residents, but for family members and community service providers as well. The SASH Coordinator is the point person at the housing site.


SASH Coordinator, Maxine Adams

Work phone:  802-851-8348

Cell phone:  802-730-7485


 SASH Staff



SASH Coordinator

Maxine came to SASH having worked 27 years in the healthcare field, she has a Masters in Social Work as well as a Masters in Business. She very much enjoys her role as the SASH Coordinator at Lamoille Housing Partnership because the SASH participants are wonderful and it is an opportunity to serve her community.

A few members of Lamoille Home Health & Hospice's Clinical Staff Sue Wisehart in the center

A few members of Lamoille Home Health & Hospice's Clinical Staff Sue Wisehart in the center


SASH Nurse

Sue has been a Home Care and hospice nurse at Lamoille Home Health and Hospice for more than 21 years.