Project progress in May 2017

Pictures taken in May, 2017

These  pictures can show you the progress they have made so far and are almost finished. They are spectacular homes! As you can observe in pictures they are doing a great job on the site and getting the homes placed at the park!!

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Project progress in December

Pictures taken in December, 2016

As you can observe in pictures our contractor, Kings Property Management are doing a great job on the site. Our other contractors, Vermod in White River Junction are also working hard to meet the expectation of a scheduled first home delivery at the Park by the end of this month. So,... fingers crossed!   :)  Become a sponsor        Rent options

Project progress in November

Pictures taken in November, 2016.

You can see, we are definitely making progress. Our contractors have faced a few obstacles with power lines here and there, but were able to quickly resolve the issues and carried on steadily.  Overall the work is going strong.  

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Project progress in October

Boy,... didn't we have a long wait for the construction of these homes to start!  Well,  it's happening now, and we are so excited!

Take a pick on whats happening so far,....

Project Updates

Pictures taken in October, 2016

We couldn't wait to get the construction  of our new super environmentally friendly Vermod model homes going. Guess what? We just closed the planning phase. Everything is  in place ready for the execution phase. May the construction begin! 

These  pictures can show you what is currently happening so far. We will update you periodically as the construction move phases. Please if you like what we are doing let us know. You can share our blog, like us on Facebook, donate, and if you are really crazy about these homes, sponsor one! We will put a plaque with your name on it. Or you could rent one. Contact us for more details.  

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