Maple Street Apartments


Maple Street Apartments is one of only two affordable housing developments in Hardwick for seniors and adults with disabilities. It is made up of 16 units of senior housing, comprised of fourteen 1-bedroom units and two 2-bedroom units, the two buildings were renovated into multi-family residential use in 1979 and 1980. 

 The building was in danger of being lost as affordable housing for Hardwick's senior population.  The mechanical and electrical systems were in need of repair and/or replacement and there are many energy saving improvements to be made in order to keep the buildings affordable into the future.  There are also many ADA upgrades that need to be made to meet current codes and help seniors to live on their own with a reasonable quality of life. 

The changes to the existing building will include upgrading the 16 units of affordable senior housing by improving their safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency.

Purchase of the Maple Street Apartments by Housing Vermont and Lamoille Housing Partnership has ensured continued long-term stable ownership by a local housing group with the goal of taking care of our community elders. Preserving Maple Street Apartments will allow some of Hardwick's senior population to live independent quality lives for as long as they can.

Lamoille Housing Partnership, 49 Brigham St, PO Box 637, Morrisville, VT 05661

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