LHP Continues Rehabilitation Work - Project preserves historic Hardwick buildings for future

The Lamoille Housing Partnership (LHP) and Housing Vermont (HV) continue their rehabilitation project in Hardwick, the Jeudevine Housing Limited Partnership. The project’s scope of work focuses on structural and interior upgrades, as well as exterior improvements to affordable rental housing and commercial space in three historic Hardwick properties.

“A recent housing needs study of the area continues to support the overwhelming need for rental housing units, both affordable and market rate, for all segments of our population including seniors, working Vermonters, veterans and our disabled neighbors. Although this project does not create new units, it substantially upgrades and preserves existing units,” explains LHP executive director, Jim Lovinsky.

The multi-phase project began in July and addresses buildings on Highland Avenue, Slapp Hill, and South Main Street. Since then, construction crews from EF Wall have completed structural upgrades at Highland Avenue; rafters have been replaced, roof supports and beams have been added, as well as new roof shingles. The remaining work at Highland Avenue targets interior upgrades, such as energy efficiency and building code compliance. Replacement of outdated insulation is underway, as is the upgrading of mechanical systems including a new boiler and hot water heater, new smoke alarms, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and lighting fixtures.

“Affordable housing is critical to the state of Vermont… With this project, we are rehabilitating a number of historic buildings that are over 100 years old; our intention is to breathe new life into them, and ensure that they last for another 100 years,” says Housing Vermont project manager, Charlie Wilner.

As the work at Highland Avenue moves closer to completion, the next phase of the project is underway at the Slapp Hill and South Main Street properties. Similarly to Highland Hill, these properties will also receive structural, interior, and energy efficiency upgrades, as well as exterior improvements – exterior improvements mark the starting point of the work at both Slapp Hill and South Main Street. Slapp Hill’s porch was recently demolished to make way for a replacement, and the building’s roof will soon be replaced. South Main Street’s rotting window and storefront trim has been removed; parking area improvements, installation of rooftop solar panels, and the repair of the building’s clock will begin soon.

“When LHP invests in housing projects, we make a long term commitment both to the project and to the community at large; we help house residents, improve properties, and add value to the grand list. Our hope is that our investments will help spark other private investment as well,” says Lovinsky.

The Jeudevine Limited Housing Partnership is a collaborative partnership between LHP and HV; funders include Vermont Housing & Conservation Board, Vermont Housing & Finance Agency, 3E Energy, and Northeast Employment Training Organization. Completion of the project is slated for the end of 2018; once completed, LHP and HV will be the co-general managing partners for the properties.

In addition to Jeudevine Housing Limited Partnership, LHP and HV also owns and operates several other affordable housing properties in Hardwick: Bemis Block, Maple Street Apartments, Cherry Street Apartments, and Evergreen Manor Mobile Home Park. In total, the affordable housing organization’s portfolio incorporates 300 units of affordable housing throughout Lamoille County and Hardwick.