LHP Begins $2 million Rehab Project in Hardwick

Lamoille Housing Partnership (LHP) has commenced work on the Jeudevine Limited Housing Partnership, a $2 million rehabilitation project updating 18 units of affordable housing, plus one commercial space, in Hardwick. The project includes the non-profit's Slapp Hill, South Main Street, and Highland Avenue properties. Work began this week at Highland Avenue. 

The historic Highland Avenue building served as a tenement house during Hardwick’s heyday as the country’s granite capital. The scope of the work at Highland Avenue includes upgrades to the buildings’ structure and energy efficiency capacity, as well as improvements to the exterior and interior. Structural upgrades include new shingle roofing, and a new retaining wall at on the south side of the building. The building’s current insulation will be upgraded by replacing spray foam and cellulose insulation throughout the basement, walls and roof to increase the building’s energy efficiency capability. Inside the building, new mechanical systems will be installed – upgraded smoke alarms, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and lighting fixtures. As far as the exterior work, the building recently received a fresh coat of paint, and each unit’s porch will soon receive new screens. 

Looking ahead, the next phases of the Jeudevine Limited Housing Partnership will rehabilitate LHP’s Slapp Hill and South Main Street properties. These phases of the project will address a total of 12 affordable housing units, plus the commercial space occupied by Tracy’s Clip Joint. Slapp Hill and South Main Street will both receive similar structural and energy efficiency upgrades, as well as exterior and interior improvements. Additionally, residents at Slapp Hill and South Main Street can look forward to revamped kitchens. South Main Street’s exterior work includes improvements to the parking area, installation of solar panels, and the building’s clock repaired. Completion of the Jeudevine Housing Limited Partnership’s rehabilitation work is projected for Fall 2018. 

Housing Vermont is the project's development partner, funding partners include Vermont Housing & Conservation Board (VHCB,) 3E Energy, and Northeast Employment Training Organization (NETO.) 

In addition to Jeudevine Housing Limited Partnership, LHP also owns and operates several other affordable housing properties in Hardwick: Bemis Block, Maple Street Apartments, Cherry Street Apartments, and Evergreen Manor Mobile Home Park. In total, the affordable housing organization’s portfolio incorporates 300 units of affordable housing throughout Lamoille County and Hardwick.