What is Lamoille Housing Partnership?

The Lamoille Housing Partnership (LHP) develops, renovates and maintains safe, decent, energy efficient affordable housing through rental, home ownership, or other means to low and moderate income persons and families living within Lamoille County and the Town of Hardwick. LHP provides such assistance without discrimination or prejudice using a combination of private and public funding partnerships.

What is affordable housing?

“Affordable housing” is a broad term meaning housing that is safe, appropriate and affordable as measured by the needs of the tenant.

Affordable housing can mean many types of housing: home ownership, rental housing, emergency housing and shelter, housing with services where there are special needs. Housing that complements community life, economic and downtown development and is in harmony with our Vermont landscape.

Often the term “affordable housing” is used to describe housing where federal and state funding (used to purchase, develop and/or renovate the housing) places certain rent and tenant income restrictions on the owners and residents of that development.  Depending on the program(s) funding the affordable housing project in question, certain rent limits and maximum tenant household income limits may apply.

Affordable housing is safe, affordable and appropriate - as measured by the needs of the tenants.

Affordable housing in the context of Lamoille Housing Partnership to date is typically of two types which are blended at some sites:

a. For many programs the household income of tenants cannot exceed 60% of area median income, $35,520 for a family of 3 in Lamoille County. The rent charged for those apartments cannot exceed the maximum allowed, currently $739, $888 and $1025 for a 1, 2 and 3 bedroom unit respectively (maximum includes utilities).

b. There are a few federal funding programs geared to very low income populations including seniors (Rural Development rental assistance or Section 8 rental assistance) where the rent is limited to 30% of the tenant's adjusted gross income and the maximum initial tenant income needs to be less than 50% of the area median income.

Where are your current properties located?
We have properties located in Hardwick, Jeffersonville, Johnson, Morrisville, and Stowe.

Is this Section 8 Housing?
Some of our residents utilize Federal and/or State housing subsidies.  Our current redevelopment project, Arthur’s Main Street in Morrisville, will have both subsidized and market rate housing upon completion.

What is the difference between low-income and subsidized housing?
Subsidized housing is Section 8 or another State housing subsidy that assists the tenants with their rent payments, but low-income housing is when rent is charged that is based on the tenants’ income.

How are local businesses and area contractors utilized in your project construction & development?

We try our best to hire local contractors, suppliers and businesses first on any and all of our project construction & development.

I'm a local contractor, how can my business be considered for work on LHP projects?

Keep an eye out for LHP Bid Requests in the News & Citizen, The Stowe Reporter, The Hardwick Gazette, The Times Argus, and other papers in our service area, and then submit bids for upcoming projects.

Where do the rent subsidies come from and how does the money flow? 
Rent subsidies come from the Federal Government and the State of Vermont and the money flows back into the property.

Where does the money come from for development agencies to buy/renovate properties? 
State and Federal grants supply funding for the purchase and renovation costs of our properties.

If I’m giving you a donation, where is my money going?
To maintain long-term affordability, the properties we develop, own and manage are structured so rents are just enough to cover operating expenses. This means there is little left over to help pay for needed property improvements; LHP’s paid team members; local programming for seniors, etc (see list below); and other operating expenses.If you can find room in your budget to make a donation today, we promise to maximize your investment in LHP by working hard everyday to improve the community we all live in.
Lamoille Housing Partnership Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, therefore all donations made to LHP are tax-deductible. 


Lamoille Housing Partnership's development, maintenance & rehabilitation of local affordable housing for individuals, families, individuals with special needs and seniors.


Support & Services at Home (SASH) offers Vermont’s older adults and individuals with special needs a free & comprehensive plan including housing, health care and social services.The result of all entities working together is higher quality care for Vermonters, and a reduction in hospital visits and falls.

is a tenant readiness education curriculum that teaches participants how to: 

- Accept responsibility for past rental issues

- Repair credit

- Create a workable budget

- Prioritize housing needs

- Develop a housing search plan

- Understand the application and rental process

- Maintain appropriate housekeeping

- Communicate effectively with landlords

- Earn a Ready to Rent Certificate of Completion

Homebuyer Program
The NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center is a program of the Central Vermont Community Land Trust and is dedicated to expanding homeownership opportunities for people of all income levels in Washington, Orange, and Lamoille Counties. The NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center provides homebuyer education workshops, pre-purchase credit and budget counseling, guidance on affordable mortgage financial products, home maintenance education, financial management education, assistance with home rehabilitation planning, and delinquency consultation services.