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The Manufactured Housing Innovation Project is a pilot project focused on developing new manufactured homes for Vermont homeowners. This project addresses the need to respond to the loss of homes during Tropical Storm Irene and to increase the supply of quality affordable housing in Vermont. Though mobile homes represent only 7% of Vermont’s housing stock, they comprised 15% of the homes damaged by Irene.

The new homes are being built in White River Junction by Vermod High Performance Homes, where demo units are under construction for potential buyers to tour. The homes utilize quality construction and materials as well as the latest in highly efficient energy technology. All aspects of the design have been considered to provide the homeowner with the most comfort, value, and savings available in a new manufactured home. The ten high performance, 66’-70’ single-wide mobile homes will be sold to homeowners in non-profit owned mobile home parks or on private lots throughout the state of Vermont.

Production of these homes provides a new housing option that stresses quality, efficiency, and energy conservation and results in long-term energy savings and stable monthly costs over time. The use of durable, well-made components during construction will reduce operating costs over the lifetime of the home. The homes use advanced energy efficiency technology to minimize the homeowner’s monthly energy costs. The high-performance homes are projected to consume less than one third of the energy used by a traditional mobile home.* Over time, as energy costs increase, the monthly housing cost for the high performance home stays relatively stable while the cost of the traditional mobile home escalates significantly.
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* Energy efficiency modeling performed by Efficiency Vermont. To learn more, see the Mobile Home Innovation Project Report.

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